A Revolutionary Model

Our model capitalizes on the technology-driven decentralization of work to offer premium insights for far less cost that traditional, large consulting firms.  

By conducting an analysis* of the cost structure of traditional firms, we were able to identify the largest drivers of the project cost in traditional diligences.  The research materials used to inform insights often only total ~10% of a project's costs.  The staff completing the work - the analysts, consultants and team leader - also comprise ~10% of the marginal cost.  Overhead and the effect of non-utilized staff members drive up costs another 30%, and the remainder is likely firm profits.  That corresponds to 50% of the cost of a diligence being devoted to partner profits.

At Payne Enterprises, we leverage emerging technology and shifts in the nature of how work is completed to revolutionize the consulting model for private and public investors.  By utilizing our partners at Catalant - an award-winning startup that matches independent analysts to firms - we dispense with the need to invest effort and time selling work.  For standardized, data-centric tasks, we leverage Upwork's global network of freelancers.  And finally, we contract on a project-by-project basis with our own private network of former experts from large firms who have chosen to pursue a more independent - and better - career.  These individuals are educated at the top undergraduate institutions and business schools (currently our roster includes individuals from YaleStanford, Kellogg, Harvard, and Fuqua) and bring years of analytical expertise to our projects.  

These factors contribute to how we can create the same (or better) level of quality as our top competitors, for a fraction of the cost.  Our innovative model leverages technology, a decentralized staffing model, international outsourcing, and a flat-fee for projects from Catalant and removes costs associated with traditional firms such as non-utilized staff members, overhead and, most importantly, large margins dedicated to those who only sell work.  

We look forward to partnering together with forward-thinking investors.  View Our Services for more details, or Contact us directly.  

*Utilized publicly available salary information from Glassdoor.com and key assumptions to build out cost structure for large consulting teams.