Market Research

We create customized, tailored market reports for our clients using primary and secondary research methods.  Building off over five years of experience conducting market analyses, we are able to build market research reports detailing the most salient details of even niche markets.

Capabilities include:

  • Market size and growth estimates (using secondary sources, top-down estimates and/or data-driven, bottom-up methodologies)

  • Addressable market forecasts (using driver-based, regression analyses)

  • Structural analyses detailing the industry value chain, go-to-market channels, penetration curve analysis and potentials shifts

Customer insights

We utilize advanced analytical tools build out a deep understanding of an asset's customer base.  Customer analysis can include classic consumer insights as well as insights covering business customers.  

Capabilities include:

  • Customer calls and interviews (provide detailed notes and synthesized view of findings/insights)

  • Customer profiles (comprehensive overviews of customer demographics, behavior, and purchasing criteria)

  • Analytical surveys (designed, managed, and analyzed independently and launched through third-party platforms)

  • Web-scraping analysis that pulls out customer sentiments and purchasing trends via python-based coding


Competitive analysis is another core capability, and is performed in over 90% of our diligence products.  We engage in activities from high-level overviews of the competitive landscape to building out deep researched competitive profiles. 

Capabilities include:

  • Competitive landscape overview that shows revenue and share estimates for all competitors within a market

  • Competitive profiles with custom data sets

  • Interviews with industry experts and synthesized reports detailing key insights