Payne Enterprises was founded on the belief that a decentralized research and analysis model can deliver more value to clients for far less cost vs. traditional consulting firms.  


Our Mission

Quite simply: to disrupt the market for private equity diligence and market research services

We believe there is a better approach to market diligence services for investors looking for insights.  Our goal is to provide that approach through a decentralized network of expert researchers, cutting edge analytical tools and an innovative go-to-market strategy.  By using this method, we are able to offer the quality of the top strategic research and management consulting firms for a fraction of the cost.  

We realize that if we continue to prove both our work and this concept - one project, one presentation, and one piece of analysis at a time - we can deliver high-quality insights to our customers for an affordable price.  If we can do that, our work will sell itself.  

Learn more about our model here.

Great experience working with Gavin. This was a project primarily requiring top quality slide output, and he delivered. Communication was top rate, expectations and timelines were set in advance in context with his other projects, and most importantly, the end result was completed to expectations and in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend Gavin and work with him again.
— Partner, Venture Capital Firm

What We've Achieved

  • Completed over 15 major market research/due diligence projects as an independent firm.

  • Provided valuable advice to private equity investors, hedge funds and emerging leaders at Fortune 500 companies.

  • Created a repeatable model for staffing up expertise and analytical skills on diverse project sets.

  • Conducted market research projects and diligences across multiple industries:

    • Retail

    • Consumer Products

    • Financial Services

    • Industrials

    • Business Services

  • Earned a 100% satisfaction rating from our clients.